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FARID industrial & commercial p.l.c 


It is well known that our country Ethiopia ,is currently one of the fastest growing countries in the world exhibiting pleasing business opportunities and supportive governance .

Our company Faridplc industrial and commercial p.l.c ,is established to share from the wide variety of business opportunities and take on a significant role in the ongoing rapid development of the country .it is the ultimate aim of the company to deal with industrial ,construction ,real estate ,import ,export ,service and commercial sectors .farid industrial and commercial p.l.c takes great pride in receiving a legal personality registered at the ministry of trade and investment of Ethiopia ,with an operational paid up capital in 2006 ( 1999 E.C).

The company has built its own five modern building , a landmark of its own ,located on main Debrezeit road that heads to the country's main industrial zones .the building now houses several uses such us showrooms ,warehouse ,sales outlets and spaces strategically alloted for future business expansions in addition to furnishing the reaming wide area for rental service as one stop commercial center and office spaces and facilities .

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